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The New Spain Art Collection

The New Spain Art displayed in the Bandera Natural History Museum’s Art Hall includes paintings, polychromed sculptures, silver, antique Talavera, ivories, and furniture from 1521 to the early 1800s. Once thought as being reproductions of the European Masters, the New Spain artists established their unique style with vibrant colors and techniques that included applying fabric, jewels and inlaid shells. Some of the well-known artists included in the collection are Juan Correa, Miguel Cabrera, Cristobel de Villalpando, Jose de Ibarra and Morales Van den Eynden. The art hall also includes a model of a Manila Galleon. The galleons brought exotic cargo, ideas and inspiration to Mexico via the trade routes between the Philippines to Mexico. These global trade routes flourished for 250 years.

The New Spain Art collection was gifted to the Bandera Natural History Museum by Juan Carlos and Mary Infante.

Having such a diverse collection of over 150 rare antiquities in one permanent collection that has never been exhibited in the United States until now is an important contribution to the art world and to Bandera.

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