This is a photo of a mother and baby Alamosaurus that roamed Texas. One highlight of the wildlife exhibit is the triceratops skeleton reproduction used in the Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, “Night at the Museum.” Additionally, there is a 17 foot Masai giraffe (that we named Twiga, which is Swahili for giraffe), Latin American masks used for tribal rituals, 2,000 pound carved jade tiger, wood carvings of wildlife, full body mounts of lions, wolves, bears and more.

Make sure you see our large mural representing a graphical sequence of life on earth covering 500 million years and carved camel bones used for weaponry and musical instruments. Did you know that camel bones were used over ivory tusks as a way to conserve resources?

Make sure you see the Bongo and Marco Polo Sheep, which are very rare animals, in one of the dioramas. There are six dioramas to inspire wonder about wildlife, their habits and their habitats through hand-painted backgrounds with flora, fauna and full mounted animals of:

  • The African Savannah
  • Mount Kilimanjaro
  • The Swamps
  • Sunshine in the Forest
  • Arctic Tundra
  • Mountains of the World

Our Sensory Safari for sight-challenged groups with special needs can experience animals through touch, sound, and sight.

The outdoor exhibit includes:

  • 19 life size dinosaurs and ice age animals on the walking trails
  • Bone digging play stations to complete dinosaur skeleton
  • Pollinator Garden

(From left to right: Life size triceratops dinosaur skeleton donated by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation; Marco Polo, subspecies of argali sheep; 17 ft. Masai giraffe)

(From left to right: Lion (Panthera leo), Life size South China Tiger carved out of solid jade, Bas Relief wall mural depicting 500 million years.)

See the Trail of Habitats—six dioramas used to inspire wonder about wildlife, their habits and habitats through hand painted backgrounds with flora, fauna and full mounted animals.

For information about these animals, select a region, hover over the animal and click on it.