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  • Dinosaurs (life size) on outside walking trails
  • Bone digging play stations to complete dinosaur skeleton
  • Pollinator Garden
  • 17 foot Masai giraffe (Twiga in Swahili) and our icon
  • Isaac Carrassco wood carving collection of wild animals both common and endangered species of many continents
My family thoroughly enjoyed our visit. We were very impressed by the quality of each exhibit. The facility is very nice! The museum is obviously a labor of love accomplished through many years of planning and preparation. We we pleasantly surprised to find that our visit during spring break coincided with a live exotic pet exhibit. My grandson’s loved the museum, opportunity to interact with live animals, dig for fossils and walk through the dinosaur park outdoors. We will definitely be back!

– C.E. Kiker

  • Jade tiger—2,000 pounds
  • Latin American masks traditionally and historically used for tribal rituals almost unequivocally represented native animals associated to the specific purpose of the ritual being conducted; each mask in this collection graphically underlines the supernatural bonding between man, spirit and animals
  • Triceratops dinosaur skeleton reproduction from 20th Century Fox used in movie—Night at The Museum
  • Solid ironwood trunk carving by Jabulani Sibandu, Zimbabwe Master Carver, called Uncertain Outcome—You must see it to appreciate it.
  • Leopard and Nyala by Mario Aguillar Reed, Master Sculptor/Taxidermist from Mexico
  • Various full body mounts of lion, wolf, Grizzly bear, kangaroo, etc.
  • Mural representing an incredible graphical sequence of life on our planet earth by artist Jose Edid covering a span of about 500 million years beginning with the most basic single cell ocean dwellers to Jurassic Period dinosaurs, ice age mammals, and finally contemporary modern mammals
  • Facsimile of art carved elephant tusks through Asian techniques based upon carving of large camel bones utilizing similar techniques to the ones used on carving elephant ivory –See this amazing carving that is very much like the fantastic and very elaborated ivory pieces since immemorial times as symbols of wealth and power African artifact exhibit including weaponry and musical instruments
  • Trail of Habitats—Six dioramas used to inspire wonder about wildlife, their habits and their habitats through hand painted backgrounds with flora, fauna and full mounted animals indicative of the area:
    The Savannah, Mount Kilimanjaro, The Swamp, Sunshine in the Forest, Arctic Tundra , and Mountains of the World
  • Sensory Safari for sight-challenged groups with special needs to experience animals through touch, sound, and sight

Hours of Operation

Wednesday – Saturday: 10am – 5pm
Sunday: 12pm – 5pm
Monday and Tuesday: Closed

(830) 328-5090

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